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The “Underground” Event That Attracts Entrepreneurs From All Corners Of The Country 

Entrepreneurs Dinner: Dallas III
D Luxury Yacht Experience Chad M

What is Entrepreneurs Dinner?  

The concept is simple.  

Just four times a year, in Dallas Texas, I host an invite-only, luxury dining and culinary experience for a limited number of handpicked entrepreneurs that are going places in the world.  

We pick a location… sometimes a gorgeous AirBnB mansion… sometimes a 75-foot catamaran yacht…  

It will unfold as follows:  

Each event starts with a cocktail hour where you get to meet the other attendees and soak in the gorgeous venue, letting your worries and cares slip away into the evening air.  

Then, we call the group together, and everyone in the group introduces themselves. We go around in a circle and share our name, our business, and our biggest problem or obstacle that we’re facing at the moment.  

Then, we sit down the the first course of the meal.  

As the fine appetizers are served, we chat with fellow entrepreneurs at our tables.  

The main courses coming out sizzling, and as we tuck in, we hear a few selected presenters share stories of how Entrepreneurs Dinner and the connection it provided them has changed their lives.  

Finally, dessert comes out, and we swap table to make sure that everybody meets everybody and no life-changing connections are missed. As dessert finishes, we draw out of a hat one name.  

That individual gets to stand in front of the other 29 attendees and share their single biggest problem or hurdle, and then get targeted feedback from every other member of the event.  

This aspect of the event is like nothing else I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen seemingly impenetrable problems dissolved in moments by the acute insights of weathered industry veterans.  

It’s an incredible experience for all parties involved. 

And although the food is incredible… the venues are breathtaking… the atmosphere is unforgettable…  

None of these are what make the event one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.  

What makes this event so invaluable…  

Is the people.  

Allow me to share the profiles of some of our previous attendees…  

Daniel DiPiazza is the founder of Rich20Something. He built the company up from humble beginnings blogging away in his basement.  

His work has been featured in outlets such as Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Business.  

He has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over six-figures in revenue with zero startup capital.  

He the author of the recent bestseller, “Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business and Score the Life You Want.” He flew in all the way from Santa Monica, California for a recent Entrepreneurs Dinner and left us with a glowing testimonial.  


Gabriel Shumba is a former venture capitalist and the founder of Group Shumba, a private equity and investment advisory firm with interests in emerging markets. He is also the author of best-selling book The Waterhole Millionaire. Prior to his latest ventures, Gabriel co-founded and exited V-Track, a vehicle tracking and recovery company operating in Southern Africa, and served in various senior positions in management consulting and private equity industries in Africa and North America. He has over 17 years’ experience in banking, structured finance, private equity, and business venture development. He attended 2 Entrepreneurs Dinners, still meets with me every 2 weeks, and is an official advisor to Entrepreneurs Dinner events.  

Gary De Rodriquez is the CEO of Peopleistic LLC USA. He is an associate professor at the Business Education Institute, a master trainer of Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology, and a licensed DISC assessor. He is recognized as an internationally acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence and is a published author on leadership through Bloomsbury Publishing. He has designed and integrated the most effective models of psychology-based systems of success in leadership, human behavior, communication, and team dynamics into an eloquent coaching and training system that transforms individuals and organizational culture at lightning speed. He has attended three Entrepreneurs Dinners, and says that the Entrepreneurs Dinner community is unmatched.  

This “Crown Jewel” Event Had Unexpectedly Humble Beginnings… And This Is What Makes It So Unique

My name is Robert Collier, and I’m the Founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner.

Robert Collier, Founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner

I could bore you with a list of my “credentials,” but instead I’m just going to tell you a few facts about myself that you’ll actually care about: 

  • I seek first to serve, and only second or even third to make money. I throw dinners to serve entrepreneurs like you and create life-changing experiences. 
  • I’ve hosted 7 dinners so far, and not only has each one been a spectacular success, but they’ve gotten better and better, more and more valuable each time.  
  • I have a small but powerful community of influencers surrounding me, and I recently gave a TED Talk titled "Why are billion dollar brands chasing intimacy?"  

So where did Entrepreneurs Dinner begin?  

About two years ago, I had a crazy idea… 

I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to get the most accomplished, inspiring entrepreneurs I knew and put them in one room for a dinner.  

I hosted the first dinner at my parents’ house, and we only had 14 attendees. And yet… it was a spectacular success.  

The first Entrepreneurs Dinner at my parent's house
Entrepreneurs Dinner: Dallas III

Such a huge success that the attendees kept asking for another, and so I founded Entrepreneurs Dinner and dedicated myself to hosting dinners like this on a regular basis. I care deeply about those in my community and I constantly try to give back in any way I can. I wanted to provide genuine connection and valuable resources to those entrepreneurs who could hugely benefit.  

I can say proudly, nearly two years later, that I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. The events I’ve thrown have surpassed all expectations and created some incredibly memorable and life-changing experiences. Each even gets better, more exclusive, and higher quality.  

Entrepreneurs Dinner: Luxury Yacht Experience

Experience The “Electric Current” of Benefits You’ll Receive By Plugging into Our “Supercharged” Community

Below I’ve selected a sampling of benefits to give you a taste of what you can expect from attending an Entrepreneurs Dinner.

The location, or in this case locations, of the event are top secret. 

We only reveal the exact location on the day of the event.  

We have private chefs serving 4-course meals.  

This means you’re served a delicious 4-course meal served by a private chef, you eat new foods that you’ve never tried before, and you don’t go home hungry.  

Entrepreneurs Dinner Food
Plated dinner
Delicious meal served by private chef

Bartenders serve drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, at an open bar. This helps you take the edge off and minimize your nerves with a few of your favorite mixed drinks.

Bartender serves you drinks
The table cheers

Attendees are a carefully selected mix of seasoned entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. You meet like-minded entrepreneurs, you’ll meet mentors and people few steps ahead of you, and you can mentor up-and-coming entrepreneurs. You can receive insight from entrepreneurs who are where you want to be, you can “level up” your inner circle, you can get rid of the feeling of being a “lone wolf” and replace it with new friends and like-minded associates, and you can receive direction on next steps to take.  

Entrepreneurs discussing business around the table
Entrepreneurs in deep conversation
Two entrepreneurs discussing business

Videographers record the event and create a recap video. You get to look back on the night that delivered your breakthrough, you can share the video of your special night with others, and if you win the hotseat, you don’t have to remember everything that was said. We’ll send the video to you. Photographers also capture pictures of the event and attendees. 

Videographer records our entrepreneurs
Adriel sharing a testimonial about Entrepreneurs Dinner

Attendees have the opportunity to share what their business is, what their biggest challenge or hurdle in business is and how they can help others. You have a captivated audience to share your biggest challenge/hurdle with so that they can help you. Instead of one-to-one networking, you can say what you need to one time and everyone in the room is there to listen. 

Entrepreneurs Dinner Circle
Entrepreneurs Dinner Circle

Attendees can wear whatever they feel most comfortable in. You don’t have to adhere to a dress code. You can be comfortable in the skin you’re in and you’re free to be your true self.

This is a curated event where we carefully vet the attendees. You’re in the room with people who are serious about their business and are committed to their business success. When you arrive at the event it becomes obvious that special attention has been paid to the people who attend the event and you can tell that each person has been hand-picked to be there. 

In depth conversation
Serious conversation

This is a private event. You have to be invited to attend, and it certainly isn’t for everyone.  

People who don’t fit the profile won’t be in the room. Period.  

Attendees fly-in to attend from around the country, even internationally. This isn’t limited to just Dallas, Texas. Some of the best talent from around the country flies in to attend this event.  

We attract talent from around the country.  

There’s no limit to who you’ll meet, and you can forge relationships with people from outside the state and even country.  

Within Texas we’ve had attendees from Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth. Outside of Texas we’ve had attendees from California, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Minnesota, Vancouver B.C.  

Entrepreneurs Dinner on a yacht

CEOs and founders attend our events. We have the full gamut of entrepreneurs from every walk of life. Entrepreneurs from every experience-level attend -- beginners just starting out in business to successful entrepreneurs with decades of experience.  

Investors attend our events. We have a former venture capitalist that attends our events and is an official advisor. You may receive access to capital as a result of attending our events, and the connections you make may result in investments into your business.

One of our attendees received equity stake in a startup that’s valued at over $1 million dollars. He said he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for Entrepreneurs Dinner.  

Ben talking
Marcel of Benson Watch talking

Attendees have formalized partnerships to create businesses and products together. Our attendees have gone on to: 

  • Create 5-figure and 6-figure partnerships together
  • Co-found businesses together 
  • Received referrals for business from each other 
  • Generate profits together 
  • Invite each other to speak at events and conferences  

The benefits of Entrepreneurs Dinner exist long after the dinner is over. Attendees create lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships.  

We’ve hosted 7 dinner events. We’re constantly growing our membership network and our community. New members from around the world are being introduced to the community every quarter.  

We’re not a fly-by-night dinner… We have a track record of success. We have a proven record of benefitting our attendees and of attendees referring other entrepreneurs to attend. 

Friendly chat
Playing golf on the yacht
great day out

We have plans in the works to expand both nationwide and internationally. Entrepreneurs Dinner will soon be not just a Texas crown jewel but a global phenomenon and, before long, an international brand. This means rising exclusivity, rising prices, and a more difficult application process. As an early attendee, you will gain priority access to events worldwide.  

Skydiving group
View of dowtown

We giveaway gifts that help you progress as an individual and as a business owner. You receive unexpected surprises when you attend Entrepreneurs Dinner. There’s a level of intimacy that’s unmatched with other events. You’ll feel like you’ve known the people here for a lifetime.  

ED Luxury Yacht Experience Fun Pic
drinks and laughs
Squad photo

No business cards allowed. We’ve banned business cards from the event. We want to focus on genuine connections over transactions. Not allowing business cards makes people focus on really learning about each other as people. If we like you at the event, we may offer you membership, so that you can regularly attend these events, at discounted rates, for as long as you like. Past attendees receive discounted tickets to all future events, and can tap into the benefits of this community and these dinners as long as they remain a member in good standing.  

From Six-Figure Partnerships to Million Dollar Equity Deals... Our Attendees’ Results Speak For Themselves 

Take a look at what some of our previous attendees had to say about their Entrepreneurs Dinner experience.

"There were REAL relationship building opportunities and I really felt that Robert made intentional selections for every spot in the group. Almost all of the attendees were engaged and taking an interest in helping others and not "selling" their services or products.  

The diversity of the group was excellent as well. I was really afraid that there would be too much homogeneity in the attendees fields.  

I loved that the event did not allow business cards so that people focus on REALLY learning about each other. The staff (catering, bar, etc) being a real part of the event was genius - we need these services as entrepreneurs and it's a great opportunity to have them showcase their services. The location and food quality were fantastic as well. 

I haven't stopped recommending Entrepreneurs Dinner since the minute I left the event! I have already begun seriously exploring partnerships with people I met there and it's only been 3 days! 

If anyone is SERIOUS about overcoming any obstacle they're encountering in furthering their career/business - they need to attend this dinner!"  

Nicole Kelly, CEO of Blown Away

Nicole Kelly, CEO of Blown Away 

"Entrepreneurs Dinner is an incredible resource of knowledge and talent in one room!"  

Jordan Gill, Founder of The Kolada Group

Jordan Gill, Founder of The Kolada Group 

"Entrepreneurs Dinner was empowering to the point of being life-changing. "  

Megan Ford, Corporate Event Planner 

Megan Ford

"GENUINE CONNECTIONS, an outpouring of support, great gin. 

I would not have met or connected with the diverse range of professionals present at entrepreneurs dinner on my own. And even if I met these professionals, the amount of support offered by these professionals without expecting anything in return would be unheard of in a traditional in a networking setting. I'm grateful for the experience. 

I'll need to work on my camera-readiness at the next event. So many great photos, but my eyes are shut! "  

Kian Hervey, Forty Magazine

Kian Hervey, Editor and Publisher of Forty Magazine 

“I just negotiated a 10% equity stake in a $10 million company, and there’s absolutely no way I would be here without Entrepreneurs Dinner! 

The event gave me the confidence to do what I’m doing now. It’s exactly what I needed. 

From now on, your resources are mine” - Anonymous

This is perhaps the biggest immediate financial gain any attendee has ever received… a million dollar equity stake.  

30 Seats Are Available… Will You Be The Next Carefully Vetted Member Of Our Exclusive Community?

The number of people reading this numbers is in the thousands. The number of applications we expect to be in the hundreds.  

Yet, no matter how many applicants we receive, we will not go one seat more than 30.  

Again, this event isn’t primarily about money. We’ve hosted events in the past where we’ve actually lost money. I still consider them a success.  

This event is about generosity, about creating an unforgettable experience and a breakthrough change in your life.  

Seats are first come, first serve. Once a new attendee’s application has been selected, that seat is gone forever. 

Our 30 Seat Limit Means We Scour Our Stack of Applications For The Best And The Brightest

We will respond ASAP, but please don’t be offended if we tell you that all the slots are taken or that you don’t meet our criteria.  

We expect huge volume of qualified applicants, so we may have to turn down some excellent candidates.  

If you think you might be on the fence, apply anyway. We don’t just accept people based on credentials but instead on values, and we make sure we have a mix of Up-And-Comers, Newly Minted Successes and Seasoned Veterans.  

For your best chance at securing one of the 30 handpicked seats and a chance to win 1 of the 5 free tickets we're giving away, I urge you to apply immediately.  

Submit An Application Today

Click the button below to submit your application. We read each and every application carefully and we will respond within 24 hours. If you are accepted, I will give you a personal welcome call, explaining what I liked about your application, allowing you to ask any lingering questions you may have and give you the clues to find the first secret location. If you have any questions, please email rob@entrepreneursdinner.com and I will respond within a few hours, if not within minutes.